Just moved to the area and the first visit to a new vet is stressful when taking your fur baby in. It was short lived, they made me and my fur baby comfortable and feel confident to bring him in. They cared for my dog with so much compassion and attention to every little detail that I left feeling he received the best treatment on the planet. The facts are the doc is the best in town and the crew great. We’ve been there a couple of times now and they are ALWAYS accommodating, friendly, address me by name, gentle and caring to my fur baby.
– Renee L.

They know there stuff you can be sure they will give your pet all they have
– Larry S.

They have a heart they work hard to make those fur babies well they cry with you when u have to put your baby down its the best care your animals can have
– Alma D.

Today my wife took our 7 week old puppy to them and she has provo . We got her some treatment for her and now she seems to be like her old self. She is eating and drinking water. She hasn’t throw up since 8 this morning. Thank you guys so much for helping our little girl .
– Matthew G.

Very good, knowledgable! Expensive, but worth it for good care of your fur babies.
– Susan M.

Absolutely love the service we get here, always friendly and helpful and understanding and they actually CARE about animals! Some of the staff has been less-than-friendly recently, but other than that, I would recommend!
– Katrina B.

My dog has had allergie issues for a long time and we have been to vet after vet. One trip here with a couple check ups after he is itch free!
– Chelsea S.

Love these people and will continue to bring my fur babies here for everything! Doc is super intelligent and many of the other staff also seem wrll educated. Theyre all very caring animal lovers!
– Corki S.

I called Dr. Dudek at home on a Sunday night, even though she was sick she agreed to meet me at the hospital. My cat Zeus was having problems breathing and was very sick. Dr. Dudek examined Zeus and gave him three injections. I was instructed to bring him back the next morning for lab work and x-rays. When I took him home he did seem to improve for a little while however later on he took a turn for the worse and passed away. The next morning I received a call from the Parsons Pet Hospital asking me to bring Zeus in. I informed them that he had passed away during the night. I feel like Zeus received excellent care, I only wish I had tried to call Dr. Dudek earlier on Sunday afternoon.
– Linda B.

Thank you Dr. D and all the Parsons Pet Hospital staff, especially Deb and Jacki! This family is so grateful for you and the care you have given to our pets, as well as us, over the years.
– Sabrina W.

They were SO helpful!! I went in for an emergency and they gave me advice on what to do and helped me through it all! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a vet in or around Parsons.
– Alyson D.

What I like about parsons pet hospitol is the caring and understanding nature that all of them have that work with dr d. I had to have my cat sassy put to sleep and with the hard times we are ALL facing I wasn’t charged an astronimical price (like another vet was going to charge me) for helping me to see my sassy not suffering any more thank you dr. dudek and staff for always being there for me and my cats!!!!
– Mary M.

We adapted our sweet Leo cat from Parsons Pet Hospital about a year ago. He was brought in as a kitten with a badly broken leg. The person that brought him in couldn’t afford the surgery, so he was left to be euthanized. The sweet staff couldn’t bear to euthanize our sweet Leo, so they did the surgery to repair his leg and put him up for adoption. The staff and Dr are very sweet compassionate people that truly love animals.
– Sara K.